Industrial Control Systems

This is a ready-made solution for accounting for each unit of alcoholic products at all stages of production and packaging. This complex has a modular design and high performance, sufficient to solve the problems of tracking products on lines with any speed.

As the bottle moves along the conveyor, the APK reads the code from the federal special brand and the DataMatrix code from the cap, linking them together. Bottles with unreadable or missing codes are rejected.

The dedicated Cognex smart camera reads Dot-Code and text markings simultaneously. The task is complicated by the need to read the marking at high speed from 4 packs at once with a small size of the marking and a complex method of its application.

The Cognex vision sensor monitors the presence and correct position of the cap on the bottle. Control is carried out on a high-speed bottling line. When a marriage is detected, a control signal is issued to reject low-quality products.